Airbnb – Superb Customer Service

Could there be a better example of how to treat your customers?

Congratulations to Airbnb for having what must be the best Customer Service!

On April 3rd 2016, I was due to fly out to Milan for a short break, staying at Marco’s apartment booked through Airbnb. (

Raging toothache prevented me travelling and, instead, I spent a very long Sunday morning in the walk-in dental clinic in Rhyl waiting for a molar extraction and for an abscess to be cleared.

Obviously I emailed Marco, as the host, and apologised. He was polite and courteous and advised me to contact Airbnb Customer Service.

Hannah B. at Airbnb asked if I had a receipt or any proof of attending the dental clinic. I had a ridiculously faint receipt but also an envelope with the clinic’s stamp and the prescription that had my name and yesterday’s date. I sent Hannah a photograph of all three.

Within 2 hours of my email and attachment being sent, Airbnb had replied informing me that they had issued a full refund and wishing me a speedy recovery.

Impressed? I certainly was and am. First-class service from all at Airbnb. Congratulations and thank fou for not adding to my discomfort and woes at this time.

Now……I wonder how Ryanair will respond?

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